Shamma is a native of Haiti, an island nearly in the state’s size of Maryland. Haiti lies in the Caribbean Sea. He grew up as a Pastor’s son and got saved at the age of 13.

One of the significant events in Shamma’s life occurred in January 2010 when Haiti hits by a deadly earthquake that killed over 300,000 of the population. Shamma was injured, broken, and nearly dead, but God had compassion and had favor on him. Through it all, he grew to have a passion and love for the local church.

Through the years, God had placed great mentors in Shamma’s life and called him into ministry in December 2013 while leading a Christmas Community event in Haiti. Shamma had the conviction he would be in the ministry field, as many people assessed that his heart is for humanity and evangelism. For the next couple of months, Shamma kept praying for God’s guidance. Then, he moved to the United States of America in September 2014. It was all the result of prayers and faith. He prayed that God would open the doors and guide him on the right path for his education. In Fall 2015, he started to study for his Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in Pineville, Kentucky.
This journey has been an incredible time studying at Clear Creek, where many adventures happened, many ministry challenges, made lots of friends, and also got married to his beautiful bride, Tabitha. She is an incredible wife, loves the Lord, her husband, and loves people. The couple believes that God has great plans for their future and has led them to be servants at Red House Baptist Church.

“As a music minister, I value passion over polish but is driven towards excellence and have a contagious heart for worship. I have a platform presence that and creatively engages my audiences with the clear message of Jesus–the only means of salvation.” Shamma says.
He mentions that one thing he knows for sure is that God needs no one’s help, but desires their obedience and complete surrender to His unique call and has promises for their lives (Romans 8:28).

To God be the glory